EdasWin is an offline analysis package. Beside the standard mathematical and statistical functions, E.d.a.s.Win offers some special functions like auto analysis, data browser, direct reader for different data formats, synchronisation of data with video, automated distorsion suppression, damage calculation, GPS interpolation, Curs and map view, and some more. Comprehensive layout functions make documentation easy. Due to the high speed data processing of up to 15 million samples / sec, and the sophisticated operating concept efficient working with EdasWin is possible EdasWin



The data acquistion software EdWin supports many different types of Hardware. Special features are the synchronisation of analog signals with CAN signals, sound recording, and video streams. Sampling rates in MHz Range are possible. Video streams from up to 4 cameras will be stored up to 200 fps. The configuration is manuel or with Sensor location lists, sensor definition lists, CAN-DBC or FIBEX files. For online visualisation you can use our realtime software EWinView. Different types of diagrams and online calculation can be defined simply by user. EdWin

Software maintenance

We develop our software packages continuously. On our download page you will always find an up to date release. See the release notes on our download page and decide whether you need a download or not.
Known errors will be removed as soon as possible, so usually a few hours later, the corrected version is loadable.
As a customer you will have the assurance that a today purchased software package will be up to date in many years too. And this with very small costs.