PicoRTD is an easy to use aquisition and analysis system for NVH, Acoustics and Vibration. The data acquisition system consists of a fan-free PC with embedded Windows7 OS which may be connected to one of these DATaRec®4 analogue signal modules:

- DIC6B/L, 80 kHz, 200kSamples/s
- MIC6, 50kSamples/s per channel
- DIC24, 20kHz, 50kSamples/s
- DIC24PLUS, 20kHz, 50kSamples/s.

The data recording is done according to the format EdasWin, supported by all popular analysis SW packages.

The real-time display consists of a virtual oscilloscope with enhanced frequency-domain analysis capabilities. All related settings may be performed without interrupting an on-going measurement. The data stream to be written to an internal storage medium is also tapped off by the real-time display. For post-processing without data format conversion, the SW EdWin View can be used.

The virtual scope features several trigger modes and up to 100 cursors for zooming, etc.

RTD is based on an intuitive, user-friendly operational concept without nested menu items, best suited for tablet PC's and/or touchscreens.

Remote control from an iPad, Android tablets or Windows tablets is possible by means of a wireless-LAN interface.