DataRec4 The DATaRec 4 familiy of modules build a modular data aquisition system for a variety of Applications. The modular design and abandonment of a mainframe allows measurements with a low number of channels as well as measurements with a large number of channels. Optionally, DATaRec 4 can store samples without PC. Using Sensor location numbers and sensor lists in combination with the fully programmable amplifiers, konfiguration with our software is done quickly and reliably.

Data sheets

Overview for DATaRec 4 SystemDATaRec42MB
Overview of the signal modulesDATaRec4304KB
DIC6 2Hz 6 channel modul 200 kHz, AC from 2 Hz (0.2Hz optional)DATaRec4254KB
DIC24 24 channel modul 50 kHz DCDATaRec4399KB
DIC24 24 channel modul 50 kHz ACDATaRec4399KB
DIC24PLUS 24 channel modul 50 kHz DCDATaRec4635KB
CHG6 6 channel charge coupled modulDATaRec4394KB
DEBU 4 channel mikrofon modul AC from 2 Hz (0.2Hz optional)DATaRec4255KB
CAN 4 channel CAN modulDATaRec4414KB
SGU9 9 channel strain gauge modulDATaRec40KB
Link module for coupling modulesDATaRec4480KB
Storage module for measurement without PCDATaRec4110KB
Power modulesDATaRec4247KB
EdasWinPlus Software for Data Acquistion and AnalysisDATaRec41MB